• Cara LeFebvre

Flynn and Emery

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The first days of spring - when flowers bloom yet the air is still chilly. We decided to make a fire. We went to my favorite spot on the river to build it, and brought along s'mores for the celebration. Flynn built the most precise and efficient fire I ever saw - he broke down branches and searched for the exact sizes so that the cone grew gradually in size. At the start of the fire, Emery had to use the restroom so I gave her some toilet paper I brought with me & she squatted like a true Kansas girl, then delivered the toilet paper to her brother for the fire. Instead of being grossed out by this (which, to be honest, I kind of was) he used it as the centerpiece. (So sweet!!)

We hung out, laughed, had a three-legged race, talked about their family. At one point Emery decided it was important to whittle sticks down for the marshmallows. I'd forgotten my pocket knife, so she found a sharp rock and made it work! When asked if she would do ours as well, she said she didn't have time but then was convinced when we offered $1 per stick. You'll notice in one of the photos of her and Flynn she has the dollar proudly tucked in her pocket.

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