• Cara LeFebvre

America's response to COVID

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

My friend is a single mother. She's not only a mother, but a poet, a gardener, a collector of lace and porcelain, a vegan, and a teacher. She has read every book written on plagues, capitalism, warfare, poverty, injustice, and the other ugly realities in our world we are forced to experience instead of going about our business.

Back in January, she started reading about COVID. She started gathering supplies - masks, gloves, copper tape, tyvek body suits, oximeters, a ventilator, food supplies, you name it. She waited and waited and, now that it's obvious we are going into full-blown shut down here in the United States, she finally got her last defense.

Most people thought she was nuts. Some still refuse to listen to her as she sounds the alarm on what's ahead - myself included. But when I went with her to Bass Pro Shop two weeks ago, one thing became very clear. I live in America. In these times when there's so much uncertainty, America buys guns. In these times, there was such a demand for guns that the employees were forging the types of guns sold in order to sell more, faster. Background checks are apparently quicker with shotguns. People were scrambling for ammo, most of which was sold out - the only left was the hunting ammo, but we are now hunters.

Gun violence has increased in Kansas City from what I hear. I've heard cases of people holding others up outside of grocery stores. People have been shot at a block away from me as recently as two days ago. These are scary times and I believe they'll only get worse as more people's desperation grows under capitalism. A capitalist society where guns are plentiful but capital is hoarded by few. I hope as time passes, we as a society realize that lives are worth more than money.

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